Welcome to The New York Muscle Club, the Best in Physique Show Promotion

The New York Muscle Club is based in the heart of Manhattan and we are in the business of promoting one of a kind female bodybuilding, fitness and physique shows.  Our shows will strive to bring out the awesome power and extreme magnetism of the highest levels of female physical development; and we bring it directly to you, the fan, up close and personal.

We stage performances that allow the athletes to interact at an unprecedented level of proximity with the audience.  Every seat will be within close range of the performers.  While every show is as unique as the individuals that perform it, they will share in common the exclusive chance to enjoy this one-of-a-kind indulgence into the world of female muscle.


Unlike traditional bodybuilding shows, these will not be contests with strict rules and requirements with regard to dress and what type of posing is allowed.  Performers will not be forced to diet down to unhealthy levels of body fat.  The women will be unrestricted in their ability to express themselves.  The show is theirs to mold however they'd like.  The bodybuilders will pose to hand-picked music and don their favorite outfits in order to show off their hard-earned physiques for your eyes only.  

In addition, you'll get to hear them speak and get to know their personalities.  The women may also take requests and questions from the audience, might pick out volunteers to armwrestle or lift and sign autographs and pose for pictures after the show.


Tickets are sold on a first-come first-serve basis, and we are going to severely limit the number so as to maintain our top priority: an intimate and cozy venue.  Our goal is to make every ticket a VIP  

The New York Muscle Club is dedicated to bringing only the highest quality of performers to you in a high-class setting.  Another thing that sets us apart from most bodybuilding shows is that the money you pay for your tickets will, substantially, be going directly into the pockets of the athletes.  Ideally, these shows will allow the fans themselves to support women's bodybuilding and fitness in a manner that brings benefit to both. In short, we will be raising the bar on entertainment value as well as fairness.


The New York Muscle Club's shows will be held primarily at a wonderful little venue on 529 W. 42nd St. (a few blocks west of Times Square) called Raw Space Theaters. They have several theaters which we will utilize to fit the spacial and functional requirements for our stage shows.

There will be stage lighting so the audience will remain in the dark while the women are lit on stage. This should provide for a great close-up view of the performers.  So, you can sit right up front or hang back about 10-15 feet away in the upper row if you are a bit shy.  It's your choice.  

We'll also have an adjoining dressing room for the women and the makeup artist and a room for tables and promotional materials for the after-show.  


The New York Muscle Club is dedicated to providing a safe and secure atmosphere for both the performers and the audience at our shows.  We'll have staff on hand and will strive to put safety first.


The New York Muscle Club is also dedicated to protecting the privacy of our customers.  We will not reveal anybody's private information and will keep all communications confidential unless specifically asked to do otherwise.




Diana the Valkyrie - our primary sponsor. Diana continues to put her money where her mouth is and support the women of female bodybuilding.

We'd also like to sincerely thank:

Wild Zebra Clothing Co. for generously providing wardrobe assistance with their fashions to the NY Muscle Club.

Awefilms for generously donating videos to the NY Muscle Club.

FTV Video for generously donating videos to the NY Muscle Club.

Utopia Entertainment for generously donating videos to the NY Muscle Club.

Andy Vogel from Andy's Muscle Goddesses, another long standing supporter of female bodybuilders, for his contributions and continued support.

A special thanks to Charles Peoples from the Valkyries for donating T-shirts for the women appearing at our shows.



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