Pictures from June 27th

Pictures from Christine Envall's Show

Pictures from Joanna Thomas's Show

Pictures from Colette Nelson's Show

Pictures from Andrulla Blanchette's Show



February 26th & 28th -- Andrulla Blanchette, Elena Seiple, Mara Brescia, Jennifer Broomfield

March 25th -- Colette Nelson, Jill Livoti, Elena Seiple, Mara Brescia

April 7th & 8th -- Joanna Thomas, Beth Roberts, Lauren Powers, Mara Brescia, Jennifer Broomfield

May 8th -- Christine Envall, Farrah Faulkner, Mara Brescia, Elena Seiple, Vivianna Requena TBA

June 27th -- Sarah Dunlap, Sheila Burgess, Maryse Manios, Tricia Travis, Fabi Antoine, Colette Nelson

September 20th -- Sheila Burgess, Colette Guimond, Annie Rivieccio, Elena Seiple, Samantha Steele

In addition, there will be at least two VIP events both towards the end of the summer and toward the end of the year. As always, the New York Muscle Club will endeavor to put the most entertaining personalities and stunning physiques on display for our patrons. Although most of the performers have yet to be scheduled, we assure you that all will feature quality lineups.